No .1 50 Series Black / Red

No .1 50 Series Black / Red

The 50 series presents a classic tread pattern and is developed with deep, alternating dimples.This style of grip features a comfortable and responsive softer feel. Which provides the ultimate traction, shock absorption, and connection to your hands.

* Material: Elastomer
* Weight: 50g (±1g)
* Standard plus (1/64 over)


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Unmatched Distinct Feel and Texture 
Feel, feel, and more feel.  There simply isn’t another grip as tacky and textured as ours.  Blurs the boundary with hands and shaft.

True All-Weather Performance 
Maintains consistent feel in cold or hot conditions, no hardening, cracking, or fading

Elastomer Compound Benefits
Unlike rubber, elastomer does not absorb moisture which leads to superior drying and connection to your clubs

Innovative Dimple Design 
Deep traction dimples provides exceptional comfort, control, and response

Game Improvement Grip
Tacky texture directly promotes less grip tension for added confidence for a fluid swing

Show Your True Colors 
Bold distinctive color designs to compliment any club and shaft

Shock Absorption 
Pain-free playability and forgiveness on mishits or for those with arthritis

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