Lamkin UTX Solid Cord Grip

Lamkin UTX Solid Cord Grip

Perform at a high level in all weather conditions by fitting your clubs with Lamkin UTX Solid Cord Grips. Proprietary Tri-Layer Technology utilizes a vibration-dampening ACE 3GEN foundation for optimal response, a moisture-wicking fabric weave middle layer for enhanced grip traction and a firmer ACE 3GEN outer layer for reduced torque and tighter shot dispersion. The three layers combine to help golfers maintain control, accuracy and feel in essentially any weather.

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  • Engineered to optimize grip feel for enhanced shot-making and all-weather performance
  • Proprietary Tri-Layer Technology utilizes multiple materials to elevate performance and feel
  • Vibration-dampening ACE 3GEN foundation layer creates player-preferred response and feedback
  • Moisture-wicking fabric weave middle layer provides enhanced grip traction in all playing conditions
  • Firmer ACE 3GEN outer layer provides firmness for reduced torque and tighter shot dispersion
Model Core Size Weight Installed Size
UTX Solid Cord .580″ 52g Standard


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