Odyssey Stroke Lab Oversize Pistol Putter Grip – Yellow

Odyssey Stroke Lab Oversize Pistol Putter Grip – Yellow


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  1. Size and Shape: The grip is typically available in various sizes and shapes to cater to different golfer preferences. It may come in both various options.
  2. Material: Golf putter grips are commonly made from materials like rubber or synthetic compounds, which offer a good balance of durability and comfort. These materials help absorb vibrations and ensure a secure grip.
  3. Texture: The grip may feature a textured surface that provides traction and prevents slipping during the putting stroke. Some grips may have unique patterns or designs for added style and functionality.
  4. Weighting: The Stroke Lab putter grips are designed to complement the Stroke Lab putter shafts, which often have a unique weighting system. This system redistributes weight in the clubhead and grip to promote a smoother, more consistent putting stroke.
  5. Alignment Aids: Some grips come with alignment aids, which can help golfers position their hands consistently on the grip for better accuracy.
  6. Tapered Design: Many putter grips have a tapered design, which means they are thicker at the top and thinner toward the bottom. This design can promote a more stable and controlled putting stroke.
  7. Logo and Branding: The grip may feature the Odyssey logo and branding, which is consistent with the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter line.
  8. Compatibility: The grip is designed to fit putters with the appropriate shaft diameter, typically around 0.580 inches.

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